" Just az just, az bun duh Sea-Ants ov ole !! "

(In reference to all Saints justified by faith)

Sunt Michael's Spire-ing unta duh Blue. Sunt is short for Sea.Ant...or Seen't AKA Saint? ...

St. Michael's Episcopal Church

( ... One-a-many in chassin, but sheez 'boat duh moass vuzzable. It's her callin' , see ... )

Pineapple Fountain

Placcard upon the Heyward Washington Hooce...

Yes! George Washington slept here too!

Shuddah Steez  Nahn Deenah bay reez or barryz. A Lump on dah hooce

Wattah Burhd

White. Point. Gardens.

Sum ruffs....

Sunt Michael's allie 

Dey iz so much moe! Y'all come back!?

Now... why izzet I get a hankerin' to hare-tale of a Chassin' group called "The Holy City Sea-Ants?" ;) ... Wut-ya-think? N'awlunz mite OB ject?
It woulden fayll a com-puter spell czech ,cuz dey ah duh "Seents" not duh "Sea-Ants", iddnut?.
Ohkee. Ah'll teck off mah allygator shoes an set a spell ;) Yea verily, Charleston has a LONG history of
pioneering industry and ingenuity.

SO hence: Proverbs 6:6-11: "Consider the Ant, oh thou sluggard!" The Holy City Sea-Ants! <G>
Strike it up Pete: "Oh how ahh whaaann - tah - bee in.dat.num. baah ...
... wen duh Sea-Ant's go Mhar-chun Ian !! ..."

Lawd ha'mercy.


The Garden

The Catz

All photos but one taken one Saturday morning ...Copyright © 1994 Robert C. Nimmich
'cept The Pinapple Fountain was shot on a cloudy day: nah loang aftah... I penned The Sea-Ants about 1996

PS: I doughn'really speak gee chee foe re-all,
But , nah, truly, ah wux bawn in Ropah Hawspiddle , Christened and Confirmed ut Sunt Philip's Church, reared right 'cross from the bat-tree; Mah Great Grand Mother from England is buried in Sunt Philip's Church yhard (oh I missser) and ah have even been knowun to et Rice on many an occashion.
And , but for faith in Christ, St. Paul would cart all this right to Bee's Ferry Landfill. Careful. Jesus your our King! Thanks and Glory be to God.