Angels and Answered Prayers

Someone wrote to me and asked me about answers to prayer....I wrote back. I don't think this is what he expected... I just wrote what I've seen and heard. May the Peace of Christ rule in your heart. I pray it's a blessing to you. What do YOU think? Do you have some stories to tell? Dare to ask God. He loves to answer the prayers of His children according to his will. God bless.

I'm dumbfounded that people "give you blank stares" when you ask them about answered prayer. The Lord has answered and is answering so many things that I have prayed for that it would take volumes....<sigh> I ah..<g> first asked the Lord to help me remember <g>! And instantly he did! <lol> Hallelujah.Typical. One event of note that I remember is on the night of September 21, 1989. That was the night of Hurricane Hugo in Charleston, SC. I was born and brought up in Charleston. Over the years, some hurricanes had come and gone. Some were near misses and some were more direct. To grow up in Charleston, however, was to always hear the warnings of the impending possibility of :The BIG ONE." If ever there was to be a direct hit on a high tide, they say, that would be disastrous and possibly the end of Charleston as we know it. With all of this information in my mind, the night of September 21 found me on duty at New River Marine Corps Air Station Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Part of our duty that night was to make preparations for a possible strike, then all that we could do was to wait. As the hurricane drew closer and it appeared to be making a direst line for the coast of South Carolina, I was disturbed at the relaxed atmosphere in North Carolina. "Didn't they understand!" This is the largest hurricane to head for the east coast in the last century and perhaps the largest ever to hit Charleston." This, I was concerned, may be 'The Big one." With the opportunity before me and professed faith in God and faith in his word, it dawned upon me that with all else said and done it was time to pray. There in the holding barracks waiting for further orders, I was thinking I should be even more emotional or upset, but I was strangely calm. I began to pray. I said, Oh Lord, you are the Lord. Lord, I know we are not perfect and many have sinned. Please have mercy and spare Charleston for your names sake... that you may be glorified and folks can see how you have blessed us and the grace and beauty that you have inspired in that city over the years." Then suddenly, I was certainly not expecting it, but my vision was transported into ..a golden coloured cloud- light. I this vision I found my point of vantage in the middle of the Hurricane..high above Charleston as if looking down from right above and to the right of St Philip's Church Steeple. I could see dimly various structures "Of note" through out the city all bathed in this Soft Golden light and to each one of these structures were descending what I called "beings." or one was fixed to the spire of St Philip's near me... a "presence." I could not so much see a firm shape, but "knew" his presence in power. I realized that they were God's "messengers" . ..his servants sent to do a job.... The sense of Peace! Even the sense of tranquility where they were was indescribable by words. They were of such good cheer, yet a serious kind of cheer. They were not fearful. It has taken me YEARS later to describe this... what I saw with my spirit that night. I can now only describe it as that ... where these being were, even though the hurricane raged furiously all around, nothing but nothing COULD effect what they were holding on to. It was not so much a if they were protecting the structures they were "assigned to" rather that the structures themselves with the Angels had been partly transported into another dimension were the hurricane simply was not! Now, remember, this was before the modern popularity of Angels. I was not at All thinking about Angels that night. The next morning I had all but forgotten about the visions of the last evening and was given emergency leave to go back to Charleston to help out the folks back home. Getting to the City was indeed somewhat of a challenge from further up, but when I came to the City I was really surprised. I did not really know what to expect, Church steeples knocked over? or what not. But when I arrived to the city I had no obstacles to go right over the Cooper River Bridge! I could see the city.. Wow there's St Matthew's GREAT and St Michael's! and on and on...I drove right over west of the Ashley, My parent's home looks right out to Charleston harbor and I was not even sure to expect it would still be there. Not only was it still there, but miraculously, even thought the house had been completely ringed with large oak trees some less than two feet from the house and 2 feet in diameter... The trees had all fallen in a ring around the house within 2 feet or less! Only a thin sapling hit the roof. If any one of those other trees had hit the house they would have bisected the structure. Report after report came from all over the city and even the county.. "If that tree had just gone one foot more!" Mainly, the structures that did collapse were truly weak abandoned death traps that the city had been hoping would be removed for years, but because of neglectful absentee ownership had been left to decay and were an eyesore in the middle of the city. All over the city weak and infirm things that needed fixing for years were tried and tested. The dross was consumed and the gold was refined. Charleston came out of the hurricane even better than she was before it. She was given a new lease on Life! To God be the Glory, Thanks be to God!

This led me to remember how I came to BE in the Marine Corps. I was 26 years old and had just been let go from a Job. I was still playing in the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, but I sensed a yearning to leave Charleston for a while. I had never really been away for any real length of time. So all of this built up in my heart. I didn't' realize how MUCH this was the lord's leading! That day i finally did it! i prayed! I stood in the living room looking out the picture windows over the Ashley River and at Charleston and pray "Oh Lord, send me away for a while. I pray for a job. I kid you not. In lees than FIVE (2) minuets I had a phone call. I had this strange feeling? it was a recruiter from the United States Marine Corps. Here I was a 26 year old individual that was a musician and computer pogue. Inwardly had always really wanted to serve in the military, but I hadn't given it any serious thought. So, I just argued with the recruiter expecting every thing I said would prove that I was not qualified; but the strangest and MOST power peace came upon me that I had not sensed sine the day I was saved some20 years before. Now I have been through some real trials in my life and the Lord brought me through all of them. It is not an every day decision for a person to even THINK about attempting Marine Corps Summer Camp. This is how strong the peace was that I had.. this peace and many many answered prayers first kept me in Boot Camp. I became the Protestant Lay Reader by default... The first PLR was struggling with conscientious objection. He was destined to be let go from boot camp. I talked with him and showed him the scriptures that I knew and he ended up changing his mind and was successfully retained in the next platoon after ours. (My first exhortation to the platoon was Romans Chapter 13) Among the many answered prayers throughout boot camp and the Marines were right there on Paris Island. It was our day to go into the Gas Chamber. Our Senior Drill Instructor instructed the attendant to really let us have it with the C.S. gas. As it so happened he dumped the rest of a whole bottle in addition to the existing amount already burning on the fire. Of course none of us even knew what to expect.. we'd never done this before... It was some years later in a retest that I realized really just how much CS gas was put into that chamber that day ..It was a thick as pea soup, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife... it really was not the normal treatment.. In the Chamber I cried out to the Lord "Jesus ... help us!>" We all calmly just went around the room and came out into the sunshine. (They were expecting some of us to bolt for the door.) Later... when the platoon was re-cooperating on the grass, the Senior Drill Instructor came over to talk ... he was hushed. He was Awed... The experienced attendant was with him ...they came and stood before the platoon ... He said "In all his platoons" and the attendant "in all his years" they had never seen such a well behaved group to go through the gas chamber without all the 'problems.' Especially with the amount of Gas that had been administered. We felt a little uneasy with all this praise.. in Boot Camp even..we had no Idea! We just did what was our duty to do! <g> The Lord was there with us in the middle of the gassy furnace! Praise the Lord again! Thanks be to God! To God be the Glory.

These are not the greatest answers to prayer that I have had..Far better is the answer to the sinners prayer and when God reminded me of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believed, God saved me, cleansed me, and gave me a new heart. Peace! and Love! Then I knew God as Father... Abba Father! I've had some major trials, and I've not always been faithful, but God has! Now, I pray constantly, and rarely a day goes by that I don't see the major answer to a prayer. God is faithful God is good. Jesus is Lord. Thanks be to God for His many blessings. God bless, In Christ, Robert